Kanda kuri izi bouton zo hasi usangize abandi iyi nkuru


MENYANIBI Limited is an official registered company and serves as the host and mother tender of the website “MENYANIBI.COM” which is an innovative and interesting project brought to Rwandan media.

Rwanda was not left out in that development and is among the top 10 Internet user countries in Africa. With a larger number of internet users among the youth in Rwanda, internet should give them the best news that can inspire and lead them to development.

MENYANIBI website was launched on 6th December 2013. Is one of the Rwandan leading websites that has been operating for the past  years giving out the best news in the development of the nation through its new editorial line ‘’News Inspiring Youth”. This website mostly focuses on Rwandan youth developments.

We (MENYANIBI.COM) are a young generation that works together hand-in-hand to contribute to the growth of our nation.

In 2013, after being inspired we got together and put up a website that focuses on news that inspires the youth of Rwanda and we named it www.menyanibi.com we both liked reporting news that develops the society especially the youth that we too are part of.


  • To focus on inspirational, educational and innovative news to every Rwandan.
  • Publishing and mobilizing national activities.


  • To be a leading website in inspiring and educating the youth.
  • We want to become the link to the government and the youth


Kanda kuri izi bouton zo hasi usangize abandi iyi nkuru

Tumukunde Dodos

Managing Director

Gatete Marcel

Web Developer

Brown Grace

Staff Content

Ishimwe Romeo

Chief Editor

Nyagatare Ivan

Digital Marketing

Manishimwe Jaydi

App & Graphic Designer

Mugabo Joanna

Marketing Manager

Abbas Moise

Staff Content

Umutoni Fiona

Staff Content

Uwantege Francine

Financial Manager

Ishimwe Jean Paul

IT Operation officer

Uwase Bijoux

Sales Manager